01/03/2011 02:54 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

NYU Students 5 Times More Likely To Violate Drug Policies Than Columbia Students

Drug infractions are five times more prevalent at NYU than Columbia, according to the New York Post.

In 2009, NYU recorded 610 violations of the schools drug policy, compared with only 121 at Columbia. The numbers at both schools went down significantly in 2010 despite the presence of a drug ring at the Ivy League institution.

Even though NYU saw a high volume of violations, only two led two arrests -- and none of the Columbia incidents were even reported to police (although a university spokesman said that the school reports all crimes to local police).

NYU spokesman James Devitt told the Post that NYU instructs campus security to only contact police "in the case of significant crimes." Another spokesman, John Beckman, said that when campus security officials find "a very small amount of suspect drugs, they are flushed down the toilet," -- a practice the Public Safety Committee says is not legal.

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