01/03/2011 11:32 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Chicago Chefs Take Bull Testicle Challenge (VIDEO)

Phillip Foss, former Lockwood executive chef, now serves sandwiches from his Meatyballs Mobile food truck, and challenged David Posey, chef de cuisine at Blackbird, to create a recipe using bull's balls for a food feature in theChicago Reader.

Foss is familiar with cooking bull testicles, seeing as he serves a "bull-ball" sandwich on his food truck, and he wanted to see how Posey would prepare the testicles.

"It's a novelty thing. For a guy it's really tough to take a bite into it without wincing and cringing and buckling at the knees. But as long as they're cooked right, they're tasty," Foss told the Reader.

Posey poached the testicles lightly in a light broth, sliced them up, dredged them in cornstarch, and fried them. For the full recipe and more on the bull ball challenge, go to the Chicago Reader's story.

WATCH Posey prepare the bull balls here: