01/04/2011 08:50 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Guns On Campus In Arkansas? Group Wants Permit Holders To Be Able To Carry Weapons

Arkansas gun rights activists want to be able to carry weapons on every part of a college campus -- not just university grounds. Currently, permit holders can carry weapons on campus but are forbidden from bringing them into school buildings.

The pro-gun group Arkansas Carry wants the right to tote their weapons in campus buildings, Arkansas News reports.

Arkansas Carry Chairman Steve D. Jones takes issue with a 2003 attorney general's opinion, which states that colleges can prohibit guns on campus by posting signs asserting the ban. Arkansas News has more:

Jones said he believes the opinion issued by then-Attorney General Mike Beebe incorrectly includes universities or colleges in the concealed carry law's definition of "entities" that can put up signage. The Legislature meant for the term to include only private businesses, Jones said.

According to the Arkansas Times, the state's Higher Education Department responded to a letter from Jones addressing the issue, citing the "statutory authority for colleges and universities -- and anyone else exercising physical control over a place -- to prohibit handguns on their property, concealed or not, by posting a written notice of the prohibition." Read both letters here.

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