01/06/2011 06:22 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Chicago Jobs: City Projected To Be Number 3 Hiring Location In 2011

The jobs picture in Chicago, like in most cities, was somewhere between bleak and miserable for most of 2010. But a new study by an online career resource suggests that picture might be looking up in the new year. released the report Tuesday, detailing its projections for the 20 best hiring cities in America this year. The press release is titled "CareerBliss Data Shows Bigger (Cities) Isn't Always Better For Hiring in 2011"; weird grammar aside, the headline intends to highlight cities like Charlotte, N.C. and Hartford, Conn. that crept into the Top 20 list.

But the top of the list was still dominated by big cities, and Chicago was right up there.

The City of Big Shoulders ranks third on the list, with a projected 608,375 open jobs to be listed here in the coming year.

Top job categories include information technology, sales, engineering and marketing.

For the complete list and more information, click here.

(Hat-tip to NBC Chicago.)