01/07/2011 08:23 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'Jersey Shore' Star Deena Nicole Defends Stripping For The Situation (VIDEO)

Deena Nicole Cortese, the new girl in the third season of 'Jersey Shore,' sure debuted with a bang. But she says it was all a total mistake.

Deena, Snooki's new drinking buddy, lived up to her billing in the first episode of the third season, and at one point, she made a very personal introduction to The Situation: by stripping for him. Not that she meant to do it.

"I swear to God, I like stood there and I was like, oh, do you think I look cute in my bathing suit and cowboy hat?" she said in a post-show web show called 'Jersey Shore Hook-Up.' "And I took off my coverup and I had no idea my bottom came off. And then, I started going down all cute and I'm like, oh, oh my God."

Well, even if it's true, does that mean she had purely innocent intentions with the ripped-ab house leader?

"I make out with anything when I'm drunk."

That very well may be true -- earlier this week, Deena said that she's hooked up with three guys in one night.

Check out the video for much more, including talk on in house rivalries and sleeping situations.