01/07/2011 08:44 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

John B. Connally High School Students to Screen Film at Cannes

A team of teens from John B. Connally High School in Texas could become the first group of American students to show their film at the Cannes Festival, after obtaining a guaranteed screening in February.

The students got a screening for their movie "Fallen", thanks to independent filmmaker Dana Glover, who noticed after completing his seventh trip to the festival that there were many high school-aged students presenting their films, but none were from the United States. He approached Humberto Perez, video technology instructor at John B. Connally High School, and pitched the idea of developing a student project, reported KVUE News.

Perez told KVUE News:

"Even if they are not going to be filmmakers, they are still learning about business, about publicity, about using digital media. I don't think it's going away. Learning how to collaborate to problem solve will make them better world citizens."


Glover, a filmmaker from Midian Films, told

"I think they are learning the amount of work that goes into this and that goes with you everywhere. Whether it's making a film or doing your pre-cal, it's the hard work that you have to put into everything."

John B. Connally High School is now trying to raise $50,000 to finance the trip for all 30 students involved in the project, so that they can watch the screening personally.

Visit KVUE News for more information about this story and a related video. To help students raise money, visit their website or send an email asking for donations information.