01/10/2011 07:18 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Khloe Kardashian Pregnant? Report Says Reality Star, Husband Lamar Odom Expecting Child

UPDATE: E! Online reports Khloe Kardashian is not pregnant. They quote Kourtney Kardashian shooting down the rumor, saying, "No, I think she would tell me."

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Khloe Kardashian is getting her own reality show, and now we may know why: sources say that the reality queen is pregnant.

The NY Post's Page Six cites two sources in reporting that Kardashian is expecting a child with her husband, NBA star Lamar Odom.

One unnamed source told the paper that Kardashian, "has been hiding a tell-tale bump behind flowing dresses and oversized handbags," while another speculated that her new spinoff show, to be shot early this year, will follow her pregnancy.

Previously, the AP reported that her and Odom's show would follow their home life, which included Khloe's live-in brother, Rob Kardashian.

When the NY Post contacted Kardashian's representatives, they declined to comment.

On January 2nd, Radar Online reported that Kardashian was two months pregnant. Interestingly, a source told the site that, "They're really happy, but Lamar is a little weary of exposing his baby on TV. He already doesn't like his life being played out for everyone to see eight months of the year." Obviously, if she is pregnant, that concern did not stop the pair from signing onto the new show.

In June, Kardashian denied pregnancy rumors, saying, "I'm just fat."

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