01/10/2011 09:05 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

This Week In Ridiculous Stock Photos: Business People Doing Yoga (PHOTOS)

For as long as we've been using stock photos (creative licensed images you see used in everything) we've enjoyed laughing at the odd trends that emerge among the collections. There are some types of stock photos that just seem odd when you consider how many variations there are, such as " "women laughing alone with salad" or "women resisting delicious cakes and pies" for instance. They are just too funny not to be celebrated.

"This Week In Ridiculous Stock Photos" will take a look at a different variation of stock photo every week, starting this week with one of our favorites, "business people doing yoga." You probably recognize this one from an ad for a new-age work retreat, a pamphlet about relaxation techniques for the office, or the cover of something called "Business Zen."