01/10/2011 07:24 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Tim Hetherington 'Diary' Video Shows Photojournalist's Decade Of Foreign Reporting In 19 Minutes (VIDEO)

It's a rare filmmaker who could juxtapose festive fireworks with brutal gunfire and transition from the inside of a New York coffee shop to a huddle of civilians into Afghanistan, but that's exactly what documentarian Tim Hetherington does in "Diary" -- his 19-minute film that encapsulates his decade of war reporting.

Hetherington -- who works as a contributing photographer for Vanity Fair -- says the clip is "an attempt to locate [himself] after 10 years of reporting." He goes on to describe "Diary" as "a kaleidoscope of images that link our western reality to the seemingly distant worlds we see in the media."

And though there's an underlying emphasis on warfare, "Diary" isn't entirely gloom and doom, with shots of colorful world festivals and other merriment intercut between the more violent segments -- with an unnerving soundtrack that ranges from what sound like gunshots to answering machine messages.

Watch "Diary" here:

Diary (2010) from Tim Hetherington on Vimeo.