01/12/2011 04:43 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

The Best Backcountry Snow Adventures (PHOTOS)

"The mountains help to reawaken forgotten dreams"--so said the famous French mountain guide Gaston Rébuffet. Of course he wasn't waiting in lift lines with the masses at a ski resort within easy driving distance of a major US city.

Do you have what it takes to veer off the (snowy) beaten path to the backcountry? There are helicopters that will drop you straight into the most pristine snow on earth, but you can also strap on snowshoes and get there under your own power and, in many cases, it's easier than you might think. If you put in the extra effort, the rewards are immense: frozen waterfalls, blankets of unbroken snow, and a high altitude peace and quiet that will keep you dreaming long after you return to the real world. --Megan Cytron, Trazzler Editor

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