01/12/2011 09:58 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'The Daily Show' Rejoices Over Verizon's 'Liberation' Of The iPhone (VIDEO)

Tuesday night's "Daily Show" took a markedly different tone than Monday's somber address about the tragedy in Tucson, focusing instead on Verizon getting the iPhone to the delight of AT&T customers everywhere.

Stewart himself screamed "Freeeeedoooooom!" at the top of the segment, and revealed that it had gotten so bad, he's been carrying around his four-year-old daughter's pink toy phone to make calls when his AT&T iPhone drops them. And sending text messages? Stewart has had to resort to writing the text and then paying a boy to literally carry the phone to the recipient.

While Stewart was having some fun at AT&T's expense, correspondent John Oliver showed with some man-on-the-street interviews that people really are fed up with their current iPhone carrier. One woman goes so far as to say we're being held "technology hostages."

"That is definitely, definitely not overstating it," Oliver agreed.

Watch the rest of the segment below to see John Oliver's joyous outburst in the middle of Verizon's keynote address, as well as even more people bashing, cursing and flipping the bird to AT&T on the streets of New York City.


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