01/13/2011 04:27 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Mystery 'Superhero' Gives To Kids Throughout Japan, Claims To Be Naoto Date of 'Tiger Mask' Comic

The trend of real-life superheroes has spread overseas.

ABC Tokyo reports that a series of anonymous donations have been received throughout Japan. All are accompanied with a letter claiming the benefactor to be superhero character "Naoto Date" of the 1960s comic, "Tiger Mask."

Over 30 instances of gift-giving have occurred. The donations range in quality and size, from toy store money certificates to bags of green onions and rice.

Although the acts of kindness may vary, the recipient is always the same: underprivileged children. Orphanages and child welfare centers have been given the majority of the mysterious donations.

One letter from the enigmatic "Naoto Date" revealed that there may be more than one person behind the mask.

"There are 'Tiger Masks' all over the country. Please use this for children, who have a future."