01/14/2011 03:11 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Baby Giant Anteater Born At Sweden Zoo (VIDEO)

Sweden's Parken Zoo welcomed a baby giant anteater last month.

The male baby is the first giant anteater to be born in a zoo in Sweden, and has yet to be named.

In the video from msnbc.com, the baby crawls onto his mother's back. He will spend most of his first year cuddled in his mother's pelt, as it keeps him camouflaged and protected from potential predators.

According to Reuters, although anteaters don't have any teeth, they posses the world's longest tongues, which can reach up to two feet in length. They use these tongues to eat ants and termites.

Parken Zoo's new little guy will be slurping up ants in no time!


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