01/14/2011 03:35 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Robert Duffy: Marc Jacobs Is A 'Crazy Mother'

Vogue UK caught up with Marc Jacobs President Robert Duffy and drilled him on everything from his new book to his love-hate relationship with the beast that is Twitter. He explained that The Men and Women of Marc Jacobs is a sort of photo album of his staff around the world.

We wanted to make a handbook as the company got bigger, something to explain the DNA, to say, 'This is what we are'. There are a lot of people who have worked here for years and years and years - we have a very low staff turnover, some people have been here for 25 years - so the book documents the Marc Jacobs family. We're definitely like a family. I'm the dad and Marc is the crazy mother! It's like 'How is she today?', 'How are her mood swings?'!

Mood swings aside, Duffy said that after working with Marc for 27 years, he can safely say the two will stick together for a long time. But one thing he is wishy-washy about is Twitter. Last February, Duffy reportedly put some naked party pics on the microblogging site and deleted his account soon after. But he's since been Tweeting up a storm on @marcjacobsint, even brainstorming with fans about creating a plus-size line. Duffy remarked:

It was an amazing way to communicate with customers, I got so much feedback and information and I realised - if I do this more I can travel less! That hasn't quite worked out so far, but maybe soon. When I give a message to someone and they pass it to someone else, and they pass it to someone else, and on and on, it becomes diluted. This made me realise I could just say something and everyone would hear at once. I discovered the downside too though; I got married and someone, I still don't know who, posted a picture. Marc was the one who had talked about getting married and I hadn't mentioned my wedding but then, somehow, it was everywhere. It makes you realise you can lose your privacy. Your private life becomes less private.

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