01/16/2011 11:31 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Chloe Sevigny: Dating Pauly D 'Would Be The Apocalypse'

Opposites may attract, but not this much -- right?

When 'Big Love' star Chloe Sevigny was seen sitting next to 'Jersey Shore' star Pauly D at a Knicks game in early January, gossip alarms went off -- were the indie darling and fist-pumping self-described 'guido' actually dating?

Not exactly, but Sevigny kind of likes the sound of it, it seems.

"No, but I wish, because that would be hilarious. That would be the weirdest couple in the world. It would be like the apocalypse," she told Interview Magazine.

But why, exactly?

"I think it's because we're both kind of extreme. We represent extremes, in opposite directions," Sevigny continued. "So for us two to come together, it would be a very strange meeting of the minds or colliding of two worlds. I haven't watched that many episodes, but of the ones I have... if I were to pick one of the dudes on the show, I'd definitely pick him."

In other hypothetical relationship news, she told the magazine which women she'd want to share a husband with, like she does in 'Big Love.'

"Maybe Michelle Williams and Amy Adams. They seem to have their heads screwed on straight and seem like they would be easy to get along with. They wouldn't be too diva."

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