01/18/2011 12:24 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Vicki Ferrari, Former American Gladiators Contestant, Will Face A Federal Jury Over Excessive Force Allegations

In 2008, two female Denver Police officers were selected to compete on NBC's 'American Gladiator.' Since appearing on the show, both become the target of excessive force lawsuits.

In April, Abbegayle Dorn was named as one of three defendants in an excessive force lawsuit filed by an Indian student who claimed that Dorn "pinned him against the door with her forearm and began to choke [him with her forearm."

On Monday, a federal jury will begin deliberations to decide whether the other contestant in the show, Officer Vicki Ferrari, used excessive force when she arrested the manager of a Grease Monkey in 2007.

The lawsuit against Ferrari, filed in 2009, alleges that she "arrested the plaintiff in a fit of anger" after he asked her to remove her police cruiser from the entryway of his shop at 15077 East 43rd Avenue in Denver.

Police Lieutenant Matt Murray, in a statement to the Denver Post, said "this incident occurred four years ago, and we ask the public to give us the benefit of the doubt and refrain judgment until they hear all the facts."

Neither the Denver Internal Affairs or the city's Independent Monitor were able to sustain the allegations against Ferrari in past investigations.


Vicki Ferrari amended complaint