01/19/2011 12:19 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Michael Kors: 'I Want A Deal With In-N-Out Burger'

We totally wish we were invited to dinner with Michael Kors and Booth Moore of the Los Angeles Times. As Moore recounts it, it sounds like it was a good time, full of "quotable quotes," such as:

On his spring collection: "It's all about the anti-stiletto and the anti-tight dress. I can't stand to see one more warrior" woman.

And his dream designer collaboration: "I want a deal with In-N-Out Burger -- to do a special sauce or a wrapper. I'm horseradish-obsessed!"

Kors is bursting with quips, as anyone who's tuned into "Project Runway" can attest. He told Moore that he doesn't know where such comments as, "She looks like barefoot Appalachian L'il Abner Barbie, and "She looks like a pole dancer in Dubai," come from, explaining, "I just go with my visceral reaction."

And for one last, needlepoint-onto-a-pillow-worthy soundbite: "If you learn anything in life, it's what works. And I've been around long enough that I don't feel totally obnoxious using myself as an adjective."

How Michael Kors of him to say so! Read the full story at the L.A. Times.