01/20/2011 03:54 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Do The Jets Belong To New York Or New Jersey?

Everyone wants a piece of the New York Jets these days.

With the team one step away from the Super Bowl, both New York and New Jersey would like to claim the team of lovable, loudmouthed underdogs as their own.

But are the Jets New York's team, as their name would indicate, or do they belong to New Jersey, since they play and practice in the Garden State?

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is adamant that where the players hang their helmets weighs most heavily in the argument.

"Today when they're practicing, where are they practicing?" New Jersey," Christie said. "And when they play their homes games, where do they play? New Jersey. And where do most of their players live? In New Jersey."

Not to be out dueled, Mayor Bloomberg shot back by reminding people that the Jets first played at the Polo Grounds in upper Manhattan and then at Shea Stadium in Flushing.

"We can all root for the Jets, but they don't call him Turnpike Joe," Bloomberg said, referring to Jets hall of fame quarterback "Broadway" Joe Namath.

So who has the most right to claim the Jets as their own? Lay out your best argument in the comments below.