01/20/2011 01:29 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Wendy Williams: Serena Williams Engaged? (VIDEO)

Is Serena Williams engaged?

Appearing on the Wendy Williams show recently, Selita Ebanks, best friend of tennis star Serena Williams, all but announced the engagement of the younger Williams sister.

Serena has been dating Lonnie Rashied Lynn, better known by his stage name, Common, for some time, and rumors of their engagement have been floating around recently, as Wendy Williams says in the interview. However, no one has been able to confirm the rumors.

Ebanks doesn't exactly say that they are engaged, but she doesn't exactly do the best job of covering for her friend either. After Wendy Williams posed the question of Serena's engagement, Ebanks said, "I'm the best friend, and I wouldn't be the best friend if I told you, so I don't know."

Watch the video of the interview below.