Jim Carrey, Anchal Joseph Dating?

A model rebound, if true.

Jim Carrey, who broke up with Jenny McCarthy in April, was photographed Thursday night in New York holding hands with Anchal Joseph, a former 'America's Next Top Model' contestant.

Joseph is 24-years old -- Carrey is 49.

If they are dating, it will be Carrey's third public appearance with a woman -- he was photographed cuddling with an unidentified brunette in October and then with a blonde in New York just last week -- since the split with McCarthy, which she spoke out about months after it went down. In September, McCarthy told Oprah that their relationship "wasn't fun," and in October, said that she "was pretending" with the comedy legend.

There's been more action for McCarthy since the breakup. She dated Jason Tohey for four months before splitting with the bodybuilder in December; now, she's dating sports agent Paul Kerepelka.