01/21/2011 05:53 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Meg Whitman Will Mount A Second Terrible Political Campaign As Soon As She Figures Out Why The First One Was Terrible

I've been having a great time today, reading on the blogs about one of our favorite candidates of the 2010 cycle, failed California gubernatorial hopeful Meg Whitman. She was one of the self-funding candidates we tracked because we had a feeling that self-funding is typically the first step on the road to political failure. Rick Scott, in Florida, proved to be the exception to the rule, but in my defense, I'll remind you that Rick Scott is really, really good at defrauding people.

Sayeth the San Francisco Chronicle:

California Republican Meg Whitman's failed $150 million-plus drive to become California governor is barely in the rear view mirror -- but her appearance in San Francisco today, the first public gig since the 2010 election, has sparked buzz that she's thinking about a political comeback.

As Ken Layne points out, "comeback ... is usually a word we reserve for people who have actually succeeded at something, earlier." In this case, it's a term glibly applied to someone who, having failed to win an open seat after spending $160 million, will instead attempt to dislodge an entrenched incumbent in the form of Dianne Feinstein. On the strength of what, exactly? Who knows? That's what Whitman aims to find out. Based on the way this next step is framed, I don't favor her chances:

"Sources say Whitman in the last months has sought a detailed explanation regarding what went wrong in her resounding defeat by Brown ... As one of America's wealthiest women, several in the know suggest she aims to emerge again with a message and a profile on the California politics scene. And fairly soon."

From whom, exactly, is she seeking a "detailed explanation" about "what went wrong?" This is politics: the answer to this question "What went wrong?" is most likely either "You were terrible" or "We, the people from whom you want a detailed explanation, were terrible." If Whitman wants to save a little money -- for once! -- she should just take the help that Peter Feld has on offer.

Or she can buy a "message" and a "profile on the California politics scene," for hundreds of kajillions of dollars. Jesus.

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