01/24/2011 08:31 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Wesley DeMott, Florida Boater, Rescued By Carnival Cruise Ship (VIDEO)

When three Florida men set off for Mexico to meet their wives on Thursday, they probably didn't know that the adventure would turn into a nightmare. Their small boat became disabled and nearly capsized due to high winds and waves roughly 30 miles north of Cuba. Luckily, a Carnival cruise ship was in the area and came to their rescue, according to USA Today.

The Carnival Valor saved the three men, including fiction writer Wesley DeMott, as well as his cat, from the boat (which was also a home) over the weekend.

The kicker? DeMott's latest book is about a man who is rescued at sea by a cruise ship.

Click over to Naples' WINK News to watch video that a cruise passenger recorded of the event.