01/25/2011 08:34 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Marvin Lewis: Bill Belichick Too Smart To Pursue Ochocinco

The feud between Cincinnati Bengals coach Marvin Lewis and Chad Ochocinco continued on Monday when Lewis was asked how the star receiver would fit in New England.

"Belichick is smarter than that," Lewis said to Ian Rapoport of the Boston Herald.

Lewis and other reporters were said to have broke into laughter at that point.

Ochocinco tweeted
after hearing of Lewis' comments, saying that he wants to set up a cage match with Lewis.

@AdamSchefter Me and Marvin Lewis in a cage match, set it up, I've earned my stripes on my helmet it's time to fight then play #WhoDeyless than a minute ago via Rock Software


The feud began in December when Lewis described Ochocinco as "mopey" while talking about his reduced role in the offense. Ochocinco fired back on twitter: "Did anyone get the license plate to the bus I was just threw under?"

Last week, Lewis ripped Ochocinco for tweeting about possibly joining the New England Patriots next season.

"Nobody was talking about him," Lewis said. "He didn't stand that. You want them to talk about you, win football games."