02/03/2011 03:43 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Camille Grammer On '$#*! My Dad Says': Real Housewife To Guest Star

Can television handle Camille Grammer and William Shatner on one screen? We're about to find out.

TV Guide breaks the news that the 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' star is set to guest star in the season finale of '$#*! My Dad Says,' the CBS comedy that features Shatner, the 'Star Trek' legend, as a cranky, foul mouthed father.

Grammer has some acting experience, playing small parts in 'Private Parts,' 'Deconstructing Harry,' and an episode of her soon-to-be-ex husband's sitcom, 'Frasier.' She also has some experience in more adult fare.

Not much acting will be involved in this one -- she'll play a divorced reality star who goes house hunting on her own reality show. She won't even have to change her first name for the show, as her "character" will also be named Camille.

This may or may not be her last role for a while, as Grammer is undecided on whether she'll return to 'Real Housewives.' She is, of course, going through a nasty divorce with Kelsey, who plans to re-marry later this month.

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