02/04/2011 07:32 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The Countdown: First Attack Ad Released.. Ed Bus Gets An Action Figure

After too many days inside, some of us are ready for a trip to the bar, or perhaps a political snowball fight. With 18 days until election day, we have our first attack ad of the season and our first aldermanic action figure. Just another day in Chicago politics.

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Mayoral candidate Gery Chico has released what some have called the first "attack ad" of the season. The ad takes on what Chico has dubbed the "Rahm Tax." According to Rahm Emanuel's campaign, his plan is to cut the city's sales tax by a quarter of a percentage point by taxing "luxury goods" that currently avoid the steep sales tax. For example, Emanuel said he doesn't think single moms buying school supplies for their kids should have to pay a steep sales tax while someone renting a limo or chartering a plane goes untaxed.

But Chico says the tax would hit working families more than Emanuel is letting on. After touring barber shops and bowling alleys with his anti-"Rahm Tax" message, his campaign released an ad.

"Rahm tax would be the largest sales tax in the city's history," the ad's narrator says. "Rahm's tax would hit families on everything including pet care, to car repair to taxi cabs to bowling alleys."

Emanuel's campaign has repeatedly denied these claims, but Chico hopes the $500,000 ad buy will score him some votes. According to the Tribune, he is hoping to finish second in the Feb. 22 election and force a runoff (Emanuel would need 50 percent of the vote to win outright.)

Watch the ad here:

The ad is unsavory, but not nearly as harsh and the stuff we saw during the midterm elections. Though it did not seem like he would respond at first, Emanuel's campaign sent over their latest television ad this evening. The ad calls Chico "desperate and running out of time" and accuses him of lying about Emanuel's tax plan.


When all else fails, make yourself into an action figure. Ed Bus, mayoral candidate and alderman of the fictional 53rd Ward, hasn't had much luck in terms of campaign finance. He also doesn't have his name on the ballot. But he is the "only candidate who can boast a shovel-speed of three and a half blocks per hour," and now has an action figure.

"He's ready to fight crime, and kill all the people who want to do crime, and all that stuff that it takes to be the mayor of Chicago," Bus says of the brave action figure.

Check it out here:


Ok, apparently it's video day. The Blue State Cowboys posted a YouTube video this week that teases Emanuel for his Hollywood campaign cash, suggests that Mayor Daley was in on Rahm's plot to take over the city and highlights his time at Freddie Mac.

It's bizarre but worth a watch. Check it out here:


Mayoral candidate Miguel del Valle will attend Talib Kweli's show tonight at The Shrine. Will Kweli endorse del Valle? We don't know. But, if you're going to the show, say hi to Miguel!


@MayorEmanuel: Chicago fucking Tribune endorsement, bitches! Think of how fucking awesome that would be if anyone fucking read a newspaper.

@ramsincanon: Shine eternally: @DelValle4Mayor to attend @RealTalibKweli show, promises to freestyle verse about capital projects budget. #onlypartlytrue

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