02/07/2011 10:00 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Kara Swisher: HuffPost-AOL Deal Means 'News Is An Exciting Area And It Always Will Be' (AUDIO)

Kara Swisher called into NPR Monday morning and said that AOL's acquisition of the Huffington Post proves that news is a valuable business area.

"The Huffington Post is very good at creating a very exciting aggregation play in news, and they've started to do original journalism on the site," she said. "What [the deal] does say is that news is an exciting area and it always will be. It just depends on how it's going to be distributed."

Swisher also said that the Huffington Post has moved beyond left and right.

"Arianna is such a lightning rod in so many ways," she said. "But she has actually been leaning against, if you've noticed lately, she's been on the attack against the Obama administration of late. You never know quite where she's going to go. So even though it started as a sort of counter to the Drudge Report, which was the right leaning website, I think it's sort of evolved into a more central kind of thing where there's a lot of debate going on."