02/07/2011 01:18 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

NY Barfly : Flask Cocktails, The Next Big Thing? (Please)

Last week, we dropped by The Brooklyn Kitchen for an event featuring The Black Grouse Blended Scotch Whisky (note = yum). PDT's Jim Meehan was on hand mixing up drinks, and he caught us by surprise with the last offering -- a cocktail that was specifically designed to be enjoyed from a flask.

Could this be the next new trend in New York bar going? It's the first time we've seen it, and we think many of the city's top cocktail dens would be well served by offering their guests a nightcap that they can carry home in the cab with them. That probably would run afoul of some rule governing places that sell cocktails, but who would notice since you can so easily tuck your flask into an inner pocket?