02/07/2011 08:41 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Ronald Reagan Documentary: HBO Film Features President At 100 (VIDEO)

As the myths about him grow larger, a new documentary from HBO, called "Reagan," takes a look at the "deeply misunderstood legacy" of late President Ronald Reagan on Monday night.

Airing at 9 pm EST, the documentary, director Eugene Jarecki promises to "get behind the sort of shallow presentation of him that has sort of come to dominate in the mainstream media," as he told The Hill.

"What we always learn is that Ronald Reagan never lives up to the sort of caricatures that are drawn of him today," Jarecki said to the paper. "As I made the film and as I got to know more and more about Ronald Reagan, I started to come to see a far richer, more textured and ultimately just far more complex man than any of those stereotypes allow for."

Reagan has become the ultimate conservative icon, his legacy recalled -- in sometimes inappropriate ways, according to his son Ron Reagan -- by Republicans. The documentary comes as some Americans celebrate Reagan's centennial birthday. Former Republican Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin recently spoke at a celebration at the Ronald Reagan Library in California.

While the documentary will use candid images and video footage of Reagan, you can read here some of his most memorable quotes, and learn more surprising facts about the conservative icon.

WATCH a preview of the documentary: