02/09/2011 12:07 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Katie Couric & Tavi Gevinson Chat About Fashion, Criticism & The Word 'Like'

Katie Couric sat down with 14-year-old fashion blogger extraordinaire Tavi Gevinson for to talk about her site's success and how she became interested in style to begin with. Tavi, who's been nabbing front row seats at fashion shows since the ripe old age of 13, told the news anchor, "It's only when I type things out, when I'm writing my blog, that it hits me how ridiculous and really cool it is. But there's no other way to introduce the story!"

Here's our favorite excerpt from their conversation:

KATIE COURIC: Hasn't [criticism] been tough to handle as a 14-year-old? I mean, it's tough for me when people criticize me and I'm, well, not 14!

TAVI GEVINSON: Well, I can totally understand the frustration, if you've been working for so long and then this whole Internet thing happens, and other people get the same opportunities that you've been wanting. But there's a difference between having emotions and acting on them.

KATIE COURIC: What do you say to those who question whether a teenage girl can write as well as you do [and] produce the quality of work that you're doing?

TAVI GEVINSON: Uh, google it. [Laughs.] I don't know. People pretty much, once we've met, don't doubt that I write it. Especially once they've met my parents, because my mom is, like, this drumming, tapestry-weaving hippie, and then my dad is a retired English teacher who's, I don't know, enjoying all of his, like, Saul Bellow right now...

KATIE COURIC: Does he get on you for saying "like" so much? I have a 15-year-old, and I harass her all the time about it.

TAVI GEVINSON: I know, it's awful. I think part of it is that you don't want to come off too strong, so it's sort of a way to sound more humble. But that's not something I do consciously. It's kind of a shy thing.

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