02/09/2011 08:57 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Teen Arrested For Pointing Laser At Plane

A 14-year old girl was arrested on Tuesday evening for pointing a laser at a plane landing at Los Angeles International Airport, CNN reports.

The plane was roughly 2,000 feet from the ground and no one was injured. The felony comes less than a week after the Senate approved an amendment making pointing lasers at pilots illegal.

Oddly enough, this isn't a recent phenomenon: The FAA released a statement last year that the number of such incidents had risen to 2,836 in 2010, with over 100 incidents occurring at LAX, the most in the country.

An FAA spokesman told CNN that pointing a laser is "potentially very dangerous...because a laser can distract a pilot and there have been cases where pilots have suffered temporary vision problems as a result of being struck by a laser beam. We've had reports of pilots having to turn over control of the aircraft to a co-pilot or had to abort landing."