02/11/2011 12:08 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Christian Siriano Fall 2011: Christian's Dark Evolution (PHOTOS)

One day, Christian Siriano's name will come up without his reality show past ever being mentioned. That day isn't here yet, but when it comes his Fall 2011 runway show, presented Thursday night at Lincoln Center, will be seen as a turning point in his career. The show represented a big step in his evolution as a designer: away from the over-the-top style he's become associated with and into a purer, more toned-down aesthetic. The first half of the show in particular — where Siriano presented mostly black, detailed and elegant jackets and asymmetrical skirts — showcased the 25-year-old designer's growth. And as he moved into color, gone were the loud fuschias of the past, replaced instead with more muted (in color, at least) mauve and moss green dresses. The show's final (of a whopping 36) look was perhaps its standout, and telling of where Siriano is heading as a designer: a charcoal short sleeve blouse paired with a beautiful mauve ruffled ball gown skirt that achieved all of the edgy theatrics of his past collections with a more sophisticated and refined, pared-down sensibility.

See photos and video from the show below:

Christian Siriano