02/11/2011 01:54 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Jason Popp Suspended: High School Basketball Coach Accused Of Racial Harassment

Jason Popp, high school basketball coach at Richmond Heighs in Ohio, was suspended for the rest of the season on Friday after being accused of "racial and economic harassment," according to the News-Herald.

Popp is also being accused of using "inappropriate language" and making degrading comments to his players.

Earlier this week, the players' parents wrote a letter to Superintendent Linda Hardwick, asking her to remove Popp as head coach:

The letter then lists a number of incidents where the coach is alleged to have made degrading comments to the team and individual players.

"These and other insulting and degrading comments have been said consistently to our children while at team meetings, on the bus and at practice," the letter reads.

The parents also claimed that Popp did not deny their accusations.

Assistant coach Don Gross was named the new coach of the 15-0 Spartans.

"I found out when the team did around 3:15 p.m." he said. "It was kind of a melancholy feeling. Popp is a good friend of mine."