Mobile Medical Marijuana Truck Brings Pot-Referring Doctors To Small Towns

Politicians and policy experts often speak of the disparities in access to health care between urban and rural areas. Seldom, however, is the lack of access to medical cannabis addressed as part of these conversations.

It's exactly that dearth of access to doctors who prescribe medical marijuana that inspired entrepreneur Vincent Palazzotto to open the Medical Marijuana Assistance Program of America. This week, CNN profiled (view below) the Medical Marijuana Assistance Program of America, which brings medical marijuana-prescribing doctors in trailers to towns where none may exist.

Earlier this year, Colorado's health department struck down language in the state's medical marijuana guidelines that required doctors prescribing pot to have a "permanent practice location," a huge boon for Palazotto's operation.

CNN cameras followed the trailers to Salida, a town that's been debating a measure that would ban marijuana dispensaries.