02/15/2011 02:03 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Erik Rasmussen On The 'Epidemic' Of Climate Change (Exclusive Video Interview)

Erik Rasmussen believes we have passed the tipping point in preventing what he refers to as "the world's most dangerous epidemic" -- climate change. But since there's no turning back, he's created a plan to move forward. Rasmussen, founder and CEO of Scandinavia's leading independent think tank -- Monday Morning -- and founder of the Copenhagen Climate Council, recently sat down for an interview with Huffington Post's Green Editor, Travis Walter Donovan.

According to Rasmussen, while climate change is inevitable, the damage is not. Rasmussen tells us, "Your generation is the last generation who can... to a certain extent, influence their own future. The next generation may not have that possibility." Because the world still has the power to enact change, Rasmussen believes we must do so.

Not enough progress has been made so far. Rasmussen found that while the Cancun Climate Change Summit was a political success, it didn't address the real problems of climate change, and thus "we are still further behind in solutions than ever."

What is the solution, then? For Rasmussen, the most important thing to do right now is improve communication. According to him, people don't understand the language of scientists, and people don't believe politicians. Instead of relying on their dialogue, there must be a shared language for all people. This language can be found in Planet Call, Rasmussen's global awareness campaign, detailed in his Huffington Post blog.

But until people start to communicate the message of climate change more effectively, our world will continue to be destroyed. As Rasmussen exclaims with frustration, "Here we have an epidemic with so many casualties, millions involved, and you don't do anything."

WATCH Rasmussen's exclusive Huffington Post interview: