02/15/2011 10:00 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Jon Stewart Mocks Fox News' Response To Egypt's Revolution (VIDEO)

"The Daily Show" returned from a week-long break Monday night and caught up on the big news that somehow always occurs when they go on vacation. This time, they missed Hosni Mubarak's resignation as President of Egypt, and the analysis of Egypt's social media-led revolution by the media, particularly Fox News.

In the wake of the 18-day protests, Jon Stewart and the media wondered who can actually take credit for this uprising? Could all the credit really go to the Internet for getting the word out? Stewart didn't think that was likely, and showed some pretty ridiculous video proof that the Internet can't be thanked for anything.

Fox News seemed to give credit to America, particularly Tony Blair and George W. Bush during an interview with Blair, saying he and Bush first discussed peace in middle east in 2004.

"Bush and Tony Blair didn't invent freedom in the early 2000s," Stewart objected. "The Winklevoss twins did!"

Those who didn't give America credit for Egypt's revolution on Fox News actually expressed fear for America that Democracy wouldn't take over in the troubled country. One pundit even suggested that "Germany had democracy and voted in Hitler."

"Oh, I can take care of this," Stewart said. "Hey Egypt, during your election, if there's a guy running who's got a little mustache... Yeah, don't vote for that guy. In fact, don't even put that guy on the ballot. F*ck that guy!"

Thankfully, some pundits didn't "give credit to or fear for" America, as Stewart put it, and actually gave credit to the Egyptian people.

Speaking of the Egyptian people, aren't they wondering why America backed Hosni Mubarak for 30 years before supporting their revolution? Watch the rest of the clip to hear Stewart answer that question using some footage from "Charlie And The Chocolate Factory" and a purple top hat.


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