'Shaving Helmet' Gets You Bald In 20 Seconds, Doesn't Kill You (VIDEO)

UPDATE: Go figure, this 'shaving helmet' video was actually a viral marketing campaign (read: a hoax). The prototype seems to work in the demonstration due to the use of identical twin actors. CNN has the story and a video on how it was done.

PREVIOUSLY: A shaving helmet? Yeah, you read that correctly.

This baffling demonstration has begun making the rounds this afternoon, and if you watch it you'll probably be as dumbfounded as we are. Somehow, this helmet uses four razors and a shaving cream irrigation system of sorts to shave a head bald in just 20 seconds -- without nightmarish results.

As the thoroughly bald man explains and later demonstrates on a slightly less bald man, this seemingly lethal device is actually pretty efficient. We don't know if the invention will take off, but we definitely never thought we'd hear this sentence completed: "When you shave your head manually..." (Via Bro Bible)