02/17/2011 04:28 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

ABC's Jonathan Karl Hits Back At Jon Stewart For Mocking His Penny Story

ABC News correspondent Jonathan Karl hit back at Jon Stewart on Thursday, after Stewart mocked a story Karl had done that used pennies to explain the federal budget.

On his Wednesday show, Stewart said that Karl's report--in which he and a team of assistants stacked $100 worth of pennies into a pie-chart that mimicked the budget--would "in no way clarify things" for viewers about what was going on in the current budget fight. He also did an impression of the assistants who stacked the pennies:

"I went to f---ing Columbia University, I've got a Master's in journalism...and now I'm just stacking pennies to make a f---ing pie chart? Are you kidding me?!"

On Thursday's episode of the web show "Top Line," Karl struck back.

"Listen here, Jon Stewart," Karl said. "You can mess with me. That's fine. But don't mess with our people...this is a tough crowd. They take their pennies seriously."

His co-host, Rick Klein, did an "impression" of a "Daily Show" employee as well.