02/17/2011 02:17 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Marc Jacobs Show Cost $1 Million

We were blessed enough to attend Marc Jacobs show on Monday night, but we had no idea what the entire shebang cost!

The New York Times found out: $1 million, which seems sort of reasonable for a top-name production...but then the Times got all fancy and did some math -- that $1 million breaks down to $1,750 for each second of the nine-and-a-half minute affair. That's like one month's worth of rent, utilities, groceries and a subway card. Or, you know, one Marc Jacobs purse. Whew!

Some more Marc Jacobs stats from the article:

  • There were 500 guests
  • And 63 outfits.
  • Each model appeared for 45 seconds.
  • Each model wore 22-inches of human hair extensions,
  • Which rang in at $180/head.
  • There were 50 hairdressers,
  • 35 makeup artists,
  • And 70 dressers.

Marc Jacobs President Robert Duffy spoke with the Times:

"Sometimes, I don't know how we got from there to here," Mr. Duffy said, referring to the early days of his 27-year partnership with Mr. Jacobs, when the two of them constructed sets themselves and went around "with a tin cup" to friends. "Nobody has any idea what it takes to do all this," he added.

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