02/18/2011 09:40 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

'Carbon Nation': Exclusive Preview Featuring Van Jones (VIDEO)

Environmental documentaries are beginning to flood theaters, but viewers frequently walk away with one question on their minds - what is the solution?

Enter "Carbon Nation," a new documentary focused less on climate change problems, and more on solutions to fix our warming world.

Director Peter Byck explains in a Georgia Straight interview, "One of our goals was to make a film that wasn't blaming and shaming, because we found that, just in our lives as people, that didn't really inspire us to do the right thing... We wanted to make a film that was forward-looking, find out who was doing good things."

In this exclusive sneak preview, popular activist Van Jones visits a low-income home where solar panels are being installed by workers on parole, in keeping with Jones's motto, "green jobs, not jails." According to Jones, "If you want to have a green economy, it's got to be about... reclaiming people, reclaiming neighborhoods. That's the green economy."

"Carbon Nation" offers a variety of climate change solutions, linking opportunities to issues of economics and national security. The film opens this month in select cities.

WATCH the sneak preview of "Carbon Nation":