02/18/2011 02:43 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

The Salaries Behind The Scenes At The Oscars

On Sunday night when you're watching the Academy Awards to see who wore what, who came with who and who left a winner, what you won't see are the dozens of people hired behind the scenes to make sure the night happens flawlessly. Who's driving the guests? Who's working the lights and cuing the music? Even the flow of the show and presenters, the Academy Awards couldn't happen without script writers either.

At the Academy Awards, it turns out, even the help are well paid.

To PayScale has compiled data on the jobs and salaries involved with the Academy Awards. "Since the Academy Awards is such a high profile event, salaries will reach the 90th percentile, but there are still people who do the same jobs in smaller markets for much less or who even have trouble finding work right now," Al Lee, Director of Quantitative Analysis at PayScale.

Below, we've included salaries listed are the median income for the positions across all locations and industries. For the positions below, the Academy Awards estimated pay is in the higher end of the pay distribution.

Check out the list below and visit PayScale for more information.

Median Pay Per Position - (90th Percentile Pay):

  • Executive Producer -81,000 (181,000)
  • Public Relations Director -71,400 (134,000)
  • Senior Accountant -58,000 (77,400)
  • TV Director -54,600 (145,000)
  • Fashion Designer -49,000 (95,500)
  • Film/TV Producer -50,400 (102,000)
  • Musician/Singer -50,000 (143,000)
  • Set Designer -49,000 (107,000)
  • Web Designer - 44,200 (75,000)
  • Script Writer -41,000 (120,000)
  • Features Reporter -39,000 (73,500)
  • Event Coordinator -35,900 (54,000)
  • Hair Stylist -24,600 (57,100)
  • Sound Engineer Technician -18.00/hr (30.40/hr)
  • Chauffeur -17.90/hr (35.00/hr)
  • Make-Up Artist-15.80/hr (29.80/hr)
  • Armed Security -14.20/hr (24.80/hr)
  • Sound Board Operator -11.50/hr (20.80/hr)
  • Janitor/Cleaner -10.00/hr (16.50/hr)
  • Motion Picture Projectionist -9.10/hr (15.00/hr)