02/21/2011 01:08 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Latvian Moviegoer Shot, Killed In Popcorn Dispute

This is more sad than ridiculous. Call it sadly ridiculous.

The Guardian of London reports, with a clarification from The Register, that a man in Latvia was shot and killed in a Riga movie theater after a dispute over popcorn. The victim, a 43-year old man, accused a man of chewing his movie snack too loudly, the papers report, something the accused did not take kindly.

The alleged shooter is a 27-year old police academy graduate who holds a law degree. The pair were seeing the movie "Black Swan," and the alleged shooter waited until the lights came back on to fire the gun. Possibly a questionable decision. Fellow moviegoers called the police, who cuffed the accused.