02/23/2011 03:49 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Black Voters Help Push Rahm Past The Finish Line

For months, speculation has run high over how voters from communities of color would swing with Mayor Richard M. Daley sitting out the first mayoral election in more than two decades. Would a black consensus candidate peel away enough votes to push front runners Rahm Emanuel and Gery Chico into a runoff? Would Latinos finally flex their political muscle at the ballot box?

In the end, voters from both black and Latino wards threw more support behind the candidate that most resembled Daley -- Mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel -- than any other candidate in the race, a Chicago Reporter analysis of preliminary election returns found. Voters from predominately black wards ended up casting the same share of their votes for Emanuel as voters in white wards. We broke down the numbers:

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