02/23/2011 09:49 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Bloomberg Says Layoffs Necessary, Refutes Cuomo's Budget Claim

Mayor Bloomberg delivered a not so subtle message to those who would seek to meddle with his budget decisions: back off.

Bloomberg's gruff sentiments were specifically targeted at Gov. Cuomo's aides who have said teacher layoffs are unnecessary.

The governor's aides have repeatedly claimed that teacher layoffs should not happen, even though the state faces a $10 billion budget shortfall. Bloomberg contends that, under Cuomo's proposed budget, 6,000 teachers would need to be cut.

"The governor's office may be an expert on the governor's office," Bloomberg said. "The governor's office is not an expert on the city . . . I think we have a little more credibility in speaking about what we can afford."

Cuomo's office declined to comment on Bloomberg's remarks.

The governor's budget would reduce funding to New York City by more than $1 billion.

Last week, Lieutenant Governor Robert Duffy said every public school in the city has waste that should be trimmed before resorting to teacher layoffs.

Those sentiments mirrored Cuomo's assertion that there are several steps the city can take that don't involve giving educators the ax.

Those options include cutting the pay of school administrators making more than $150,000, freezing teacher pay, and having school district employees make the same health care contributions that state employees make.