02/23/2011 03:16 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Gucci Fall 2011: Pimp Suits & Pantslessness (PHOTOS, POLL)

Text by Jeremy Inson, Associated Press

MILAN (AP) - Come fall and winter 2011-2012 the Gucci woman will be a contrasting character, dressing sleekly but subtly during daytime before unleashing her vampish, showgirl look come nightfall.

Gucci's show on Wednesday was the first major collection at the start of a week of showings of ready-to-wear outfits in Italy's fashion capital.

By day, the Gucci woman will dress in classy, closely cut outfits consisting of military style jackets, and knee-length skirts, all topped off with a dandyish fedora that hides the eyes and adds to her allure.

By night she will throw caution to the wind and dress in sexy, billowing evening gowns, made from sheer material that delight in showing off plenty of flesh above and below the waistline.

The top is slashed as far as the navel and arms and shoulders are left bare, while legs are exposed and their shape defined with super-high heels.

Both Gucci styles were contrasted with fur trim and daring use of crocodile and lizard skin.

"For the autumn winter 2011-2012 season, the Gucci woman dresses with a cinematic allure and a strong seductive power," designer Frida Giannini said.

Much of the collection was based on styles from the 1970's, fused with a dash of the 1940's demeanor. This was clear from the bell-bottomed cut of the trousers and pant-skirts flaring out above knee-length leather boots.

For the daytime collection, rustic colors were those of choice. Forest greens, teal, deep burgundy, lilac and winter orange all play a role in contrast to the ubiquitous black and gray.

In the nighttime collection more colors are added to underscore the playful nature of the outfit. Lemon yellow, deep red and light green gives the Gucci woman the appearance of someone who wants to forget the harsh winter weather when she steps inside a restaurant, bar or nightclub.

"This is a contemporary female dandy who fuses glamor and seduction," Giannini said. "She is a polished woman with a decisive personality, who is attentive to detail and willing to dare."

A strong powerful side to the Gucci woman is brought through with the use of leather biker jackets, paired with overlarge sunglasses that sets off the image of a woman who knows her own destiny and how she wants to get there.

The handbags are small and subtle. They complement, rather than dominate, the outfit and their block colors and contrasting piping set off the look tastefully.

All bear the ever-present double GG buckle, the initials of Guccio Gucci who founded the company 90 years ago this year.