02/23/2011 09:08 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Lawrence O'Donnell: Glenn Beck 'Even Crazier Than Usual' (VIDEO)

On his Tuesday show, Lawrence O'Donnell said a recent Glenn Beck episode made him think Beck has "gone even crazier than usual."

O'Donnell was speaking about a pattern he said he had noticed recently, where conservative media and political figures were trying to outdo each other with the extreme nature of their comments. He played clips of Chris Christie and Michele Bachmann, but his heart seemed to be in a clip from Beck's Monday show.

In the clip, Beck claimed that "democracy"—which he defined as "one man one vote," a concept he called dangerous in the wrong hands—was only being advocated by people like the Muslim Brotherhood, labor unions, Hollywood and Fidel Castro, whereas he was a lone voice calling for a "republic."

"I know that sounded like quintessential Beck, but it is actually Beck gone even crazier than usual," O'Donnell said. He then posited that Rush Limbaugh's recent comments about Michelle Obama's body, which he called "really, really offensive," were an effort to beat Beck at his own game.


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