02/24/2011 12:51 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Conan & Jason Sudeikis Eat Buffalo Wings, Drink Natural Light (VIDEO)

"Saturday Night Live" may be on hiatus until next week, but if you caught last night's "Conan," you got a taste of the show in Jason Sudeikis' entertaining interview.

In it, the two bearded comedians reminisced about Conan's summer tour, where Sudeikis was treated with a gigantic bottle of Jack Daniels and a case of the notoriously awful light beer better known as "Natty Light." The discussion led to Sudeikis dishing on his and fellow "SNL" employees' penchant for buffalo wings, and before you knew it, Conan, Andy and Sudeikis and were all feasting on some "butthole on fire" inducing wings and downing the aforementioned beer.

Watch Sudeikis' entire interview below, in which you'll hear very little about his new movie "Hall Pass." The wings-and-beer party starts around 4:30 in.