02/25/2011 05:48 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Re-Forestation: Emilie Brzezinski at Grounds for Sculpture (PHOTOS)

WHO: Emilie Brzezinski

WHAT: Re:Forestation

WHEN: January 22 through April 10, 2011

WHERE: Grounds For Sculpture
18 Fairgrounds Road
Hamilton, NJ 08528

WHY Emilie Brzezinski's monumental sculptures invade the space of the gallery, confronting the viewer to ponder the beautiful and organic juxtaposed with the controlled and commercial. Formally simple, but conceptually complex, Brzezinski's carved tree trunks not only inspire awe, but also serious contemplation about environmental concerns.

Using powerful tools on massive materials, Emilie Brzezinski creates striking yet sensitive sculptures in wood that reveal the essence of the tree. Her work, often monumental in size and grouped to show the relationships between the pieces, evokes a deeply personal story, presenting a rich dialogue between artist, art work and viewer. In the artist's words, "The tree trunk is a nature-given statement, a found object and inspirational source which, as a sculptor, I must discover, unveil, and compose. As I carve a trunk, I retain the outline of the tree. The marks of the tools show the process of transformation. The final iconic shape enshrines the mystery of the tree's growth and struggle for survival."

(From: Grounds For Sculpture)
Spotlight on Emilie Brzezinski
Spotlight on Emilie Brzezinski

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