02/25/2011 10:53 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'30 Rock': TGS Hates Women (VIDEO)

Remember when a blog accused "The Daily Show" of having a "woman problem"? And remember when SXSW booked a comedy lineup that had only one female comedian out of 30 on it? Ok, that just happened. But what also just happened is a very special episode of "30 Rock," wherein Liz Lemon is forced to confront sexism at TGS, as well as her own "hatred" of women. The story line may not be ripped from the headlines, but it's definitely the right episode at the right time.

After feminist comedy blog,, accuses TGS of hating women -- supporting evidence for which is supplied by a montage of an all-Jenna episode where powerful women are hobbled by getting their periods -- Liz decides to prove her detractors wrong by hiring a hot up-and-coming female comedian as a guest writer. Unfortunately, as is usually the case, Liz's good intentions end up looking a lot more hateful than she intended.