02/28/2011 12:50 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Father Chained Son To Dryer, Beat Him Savagely, Authorities Say

A south suburban man and his live-in girlfriend face several charges for allegedly chaining the man's 13-year-old son to a dryer and repeatedly beating him.

The teen told investigators that his father Hugo Dominguez and his live-in girlfriend, Mary Rodriguez "often hit him with many objects, including wooden ax handles, yardsticks, bamboo scratchers, belts and rulers that had been taped together," the Chicago Sun-Times reports.

While the couple slept, prosecutors say the boy was chained up in the laundry room.

Dominguez is charged with aggravated domestic battery, and his girlfriend Rodriguez with unlawful restraint, after school authorities reported signs of abuse on the young boy.

Prosecutors say the boy's arms, back and legs are now covered with bruises and cuts. Dominguez is also accused of stabbing his son with a knife, according to the Associated Press.

The blog The Imperfect Parent writes that the boy would be chained to the laundry room at night, and then forced to stay in the garage in the mornings until school time. It's unclear how long the abuse had been going on, but authorities began investigating after a call from officials at Brookwood Junior High School who suspected foul play.

The teen is currently in protective custody.