02/28/2011 02:43 pm ET Updated Nov 30, 2011

Karl Pilkington Hits Up Brazil's Carnival (VIDEO)

Oh, Karl, we love you more and more with each passing episode of "An Idiot Abroad." In this week's episode, Karl finds himself in Rio de Janeiro just in time for Carnival.

A local dancer takes Karl around town on the back of his motorbike (you know how much Karl just loves this) and proceeds to teach him a dance that he will be performing in one of the parades. As he mentions at the beginning of the video, Karl is not a big fan of crowds, so he's not psyched about the prospect of dancing in one.

Yet Karl puts on a good show and learns a snazzy dance, complete with a funky headdress.

Check out Karl learning the dance below.

Of course, this isn't the first time Karl has found himself in an uncomfortable situation while abroad. In China, he was force-fed toad by a well-meaning local woman; in Mexico, he spouted his theories about Chichen Itza; and he called the Taj Mahal a "diamond" while visiting the famous site.